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New! Katrina Kaif Ki Full Chudai Blue Film Lorieid

Vanessa Roads is getting her education paid for by her best friend's husband, in order to save her own skin and receive a more acceptable college degree and a job. Vanessa is performing the job of a college student, and her best friend's husband, Ben Cross, is the professor who is teaching her. In class today, Vanessa is on the hot seat and is asked to prove herself. Ben sends her out of class to help with a sandwich shop in order to learn some real work skills, while he teaches his class and Vanessa is giving a sandwich to some students. Vanessa finds that her best friend is the owner of the sandwich shop. As Vanessa gets to know her and her husband, she finds out that they are really good people and are having trouble with a drug dealer who is stealing their drugs. They need Vanessa's help and want to know if she will help them out. They will pay her well to help them get rid of this dealer. Their problem is that Vanessa has to get caught, or else she'll be thrown out of college. The only way they can make sure she is caught is for Vanessa to become a hooker. Ben is the only one that can come into the shop with her and will cover for her, but he wants her to do it behind his back. They're going to set up a deal, in which if Ben's wife gives Vanessa head, Vanessa will make sure that she gets the dealer caught. Ben thinks it's a great idea. As soon as he leaves the room, Vanessa tells his wife that she wants to fuck him. She knows what will happen and that it will make her look like a slut. His wife is pissed and says she'll never do it. She then tells Vanessa that she can't leave the room while they are doing it. Vanessa tells her that she'll do it anyway. She's ready to suck his cock in front of him. His wife tells Vanessa that she is going to be using her to get rid of this drug dealer, and that Ben will go along with it, but that she can't tell him. Ben comes back into the room, and sees that Vanessa is sucking his cock, and that he cannot stop her. Vanessa gives her best friend's husband head and she sucks his cock like a wild man. He grabs her head and slaps her around and calls her names. She moans and tells him how good he feels and how she wishes that it was his wife fucking him. They get into a 69 position and she moans even louder. He

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